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XCOR develops rocket-propelled spacecraft and aircraft, rocket propulsion systems, and propulsion components to customer order.

Our team is current in its experience, and with more than 5,000 rocket firings to date, XCOR has evolved as a leader in the development of dependable, affordable rocket engines.

XCOR has also developed a series of proprietary engines and igniters, and has built, tested, and flown the EZ-Rocket twenty-six times and the X-Racer 40 times.



We have continued the technological development of rocket engines, building and enhancing many designs from 15 lb thrust up to 7,500 lbf.  XCOR’s engines burn a variety of non-toxic fuels, including kerosene, hydrogen, methane, ethane, propane, alcohol and kerosene using oxidizers such as liquid oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Our 5K18 engines for the Lynx Spacecraft produce 2900 lbf thrust while burning a mixture of liquid oxygen and kerosene. It has design and performance characteristics similar to the X-Racer engine.


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